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Tips and Resources while visiting Costa Rica with your Child!

Costa Rica is a wonderful place to visit with your kids, and yes including an infant. It's surprisingly easy because Costa Rican culture values children and their integration into every aspect of daily life.

My name is Yury Alvarez, mother, Costa Rican and Owner at Sunshine Babysitting and here are my tips and resources while visiting our beautiful country.

Babysitting Services & Baby Equipment rental-

-You can book our childcare services in advanced to secure babysitter's availability during your travel dates. And yes! we do travel around Costa Rica with you !

-You can rent thru us all baby equipment you need for your children, that way you don't need to bring your own.

- Car rental agencies offer children’s car seats, but their condition or fit cannot be guaranteed, so it’s recommended to bring your own or rent one thru us!


-Children under the age of 12 get a 25% discount on internal air travel while children under two fly free (provided they sit on an adult’s lap).

-Kids age three and up pay full fare on buses.

- It's Costa Rican law that children under age 6 most ride in a car seat.

Tours & Activities-

-Kids age 5 and down usually don't pay for some activities and tours (Inquire)

-Pretty much toddlers and kids are able to join you to mostly to all activities and tours available.

- Make sure to bring your kids clothing requirements for the specific booked tours and activities.

Traveling with Infants?-

-Specialty items like disposable diapers, baby creams, baby aspirin and thermometers are not generally available in remote places, though you’ll find them for sale in towns and tourist hubs.

-If you use formula or other special foods bring a supply to last the duration of your visit.

- You can go to the front line. It's normal in Costa Rican culture for people with young children to skip the line.

Food & Water-

- Part of travel is exploring the local cuisine but it can be intimidating for kids (the more gluten sensitive, low-carb, lactose intolerant, peanut allergy, or otherwise dietarily afflicted you and your kids are , we recommend to carry your own supplies and advise to the places you eat, specially to the babysitters helping watching your kids). If you can, most plates to try in Costa Rica are, Gallo Pinto (rice and beans ) Casado (rice, beans, salad, sweet plantain- fish/chicken/pork or beef) and Seafood!

- Ask to your rental property management for local Sources of special needs foods.

-Fruit paradise! All fruits and tropical varieties are plentiful and delicious in Costa Rica.

-Tap water is safe to drink throughout the country, though bottled water is also readily available if you want to be more cautious with infants.


-Bring lots of sunscreen and mosquito spray for any outdoor adventure.

-Enjoy the Pura vida lifestyle !!!

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