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Costa Rica for kids! An endless playground.

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Costa Rica for kids! An endless playground.

Monkeys and steaming volcanoes, mysterious rain forests and palm-lined beaches – Costa Rica sometimes seems like a comic book made real. The perfect place for family travel, or if you are planning on moving here; it's a safe, exhilarating tropical playground that will make a huge impression on younger travelers. The country’s myriad adventure possibilities cover the spectrum of age-appropriate intensity levels – and for no intensity at all, some kids might like the idea of getting their hair braided and beaded by a beachside stylist, surfing, horse back riding, snorkeling, zip lining thru the jungle and enticing mud puddles.

Whatever you do, the warm culture and people is extremely welcoming of little ones.

In addition to amazing the kids, this small, peaceful country has all the practicalities that rank highly with parents, such as great country-wide transportation infrastructure, a low crime rate and an excellent health-care system and Education.

But the reason to bring the whole family is the opportunity to share unforgettable experiences such as spotting a dolphin, whales, manta-rays , a sloth or any other wild animal in their habitat , slowly paddling a kayak through mangrove channels or beaches, bathing under a waterfall, watching a massive turtle nesting, enjoying the hot springs from an active volcano or taking a night hike in search of tropical frogs and wildlife or just simply enjoying the sunsets while walking or relaxing on the beach.

Costa Rica is definitely an endless playground for any children!

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